Tea Steeper Cup
Tea Strainer Cup
Best Tea Steeper Is Large
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Tea Steeper/Strainer-Easy Clean Cup

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This is the easiest and best tea steeper in our opinion.  This one is large enough to allow  maximum interaction between tea leaves and water, with mesh that's fine enough to keep leaves and sediment from floating into your brew. (If your steeper is too small, it won’t allow water to freely circulate and tea leaves to fully expand, leaving you with a weak brew.)

This steeper allows your cup, mug, or thermos to be covered during the brewing process—this helps your tea retain both heat and aroma. Easily top this with your saucer or lid from your mug while it steeps. Then simply lift this, tip it into your compost and rinse out. 

Perfect tea, every time

Stainless Steel

2.5" H 2.25" Basket Width

4" Wide Top Handles