Bistro bento box set includes one large stainless steel box with lid and a smaller snack size tin with lid that can be stacked inside
Large stainless Bento (Lunch Box) with tight seal lid
Snack size stainless Bento Box with tightly sealing lid
West Coast Kitchen Garden

Stainless Bistro Bento Box Set

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This 2 piece Bento Box set is our most popular starter lunch set. Great for adults or kids, this fits in standard lunch bags. Use the 2 pieces separately, or place the Little Snacker box inside the Bistro Box for a compact, divided lunch.

Excellent add ons: Condiment Container and travel cutlery with straw set.

Dishwasher-safe, oven-safe, freezer-safe.

Made with top quality non-magnetic food grade stainless steel with no aluminum, plastic, paint, or synthetic dyes or resins, it will never give off a metallic taste or absorb food odor (even after years of use).

Safe. Simple. Sustainable.
Made in India