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Water Kefir Kit

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Water Kefir Starter Kit – This comes with a wide mouth mason jar lid, grains and ingredients to start brewing water kefir as well as a link to the how-to video.

Water kefir is fun and delicious to make at home. Once you have the starter grains, you continually feed and reuse them like you would with kombucha or sourdough. You can brew endless amounts of refreshing probiotic water kefir with the reusable grains and brewing lid.

Plastic items are food grade plastic.

Designed for wide mouth mason/canning jars like Bernardin, Ball and Kerr.

• 1x Blue Kefir Cap – Reusable brewing lid for making water kefir. Two-position lid can activate grains, brew kefir, and strain and pour kefir while keeping the grains in the jar.

• 1x Activation Grain Packet – Water Kefir grains and the required rapadura cane sugar to activate them. After activation, the water kefir grains can be used endlessly to brew water kefir with a simple water-sugar solution (similar to a SCOBY for brewing kombucha). Be sure to use raw sugar and dechlorinated water when brewing. 

• BONUS Digital Starter Guide—Step-by-step instructions on how to start brewing water kefir at

Kefir cap is dishwasher safe on the top rack.