Tears of my enemies- honest flask
Flask-Tears of my enemies
Stainless Steel Flask-Tears of my enemies
West Coast Kitchen Garden

Honest Flask...Tears Of My Enemies

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You're not afraid of a good time, are you? We know. That's why we made these flasks for you. Enjoy responsibly... but have fun doing so! 

What you need to know about these Damn Fine Flasks:

  • They make a great gift for anyone that has a sense of humor (or needs one). 
  • They are crafted with high-quality (18/8) food grade stainless steel - not the cheap junk other manufacturers use! 
  • They make a great gift for anyone that is young, old, married, single, funny, boring, smiling or frowning. It's affordable and pretty cool looking... and you know it! 
  • They're perfect for whiskey lovers, bourbon drinkers, scotch sippers, and anyone that has ever enjoyed a sneaky stash of booze.
  • Will fit in your pocket for any boring occasion or exciting back country trek.


While most of our funny camping gear was with my brother "Meatsaw" in mind, these are in honour of my youngest brother Doug who is calm, cool, and has the best poker face.