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West Coast Kitchen Garden

Tears of Joy Necklace

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Double teardrops symbolize the end of tears and the beginning of joy. Worn for many reasons, this minimal design is worn close to the heart.

Polished silver and rose gold on 18" chain

16k Double Plated Rose Gold and Silver

Width : 1.5cm  Height : 1cm

Packaged in a Prysm triangle box • Designed and made in Canada


Prysm is a jewelry company based in Montreal, created by two entrepreneurs. Passionate about art and design, minimalist architectural style inspires their jewelry.

Each piece is created to be worn alone, or with others, always with the idea that each combination is unique. All Prysm jewelry is double-plated in silver, 16k gold or 16k rose gold. From design to production, all thier pieces are proudly designed and manufactured in Canada.