Welcome to West Coast Kitchen Garden's Home Blog!

Welcome to West Coast Kitchen Garden's Home Blog!

Top 10 Tips For Self Care

Welcome to our very first home blog post, the top 10 tips for continuous self care! After years of writing a recipe blog, I think it's time that the shop has it's very own blog.  Our goal is to be helpful and inspiring, through tips on cleaning and care of your home, design and decorating and self care too! 

Why Self Care Matters

I'd like to start with tips on self care and a reminder of how important this is.  The world has so much turmoil this past year and I sense many are getting tired of dealing with the worldwide health crisis.  Self care has never been as important as it is now to maintain good mental health and productivity. 

Some of you might be feeling extra isolation or loneliness, others may have less or no outside help with small kids or other physical tasks. I'd bet everyone is missing some of their regular activities whether is exercise classes (in person!), dining out regularly, travelling, I could go on.  I trust most of you have found ways of coping and likely some substitutes but I will add my list of top 10 ways to stay happy and feel good in these unusual times.  

Make Time For Yourself

1. Recognize the need for alone time (or "me" time) if you are usually at home with others. (Especially if you have young kids at home) After recognizing it, figure out ways to make it happen.  If you are truly alone with kids, make their bedtime early enough that you can relax once they're in bed.  (Don't use all of this time to clean!!!)

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Connect With Family And Friends

2. Prioritize checking in with friends or family that you love. Write it on your calendar if it doesn't come easily and do it your favourite way. If you hate zoom (me!) do it by telephone instead or even an email if that's what you prefer.  Keeping in touch is vital to beating loneliness. 

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine

3. Do, read or watch something that makes you laugh, daily! It's important to keep your sense of humor and laugh MULTIPLE times throughout the day.  

Create A Fresh Space

A Clean Fresh Space Is Relaxing

4. Makeover or declutter a space in your home! Go small with your bedroom night table or go big with your living or dining room.  A coat of paint, trading out some accessories or just rearranging furniture can give an energizing boost to your home. 

Stay Hydrated

5. Remember to drink water.  Obvious maybe but with all our mask wearing, my water consumption has gone way down.  Put out a glass at home or keep a water bottle or travel mug of water handy for driving, both times you aren't wearing your mask. 

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Put On Your Favorite Music

Music and dancing relieves stress and makes us happy

6. Crank the music! If I'm home cleaning the house, you can bet the music is my favourite and it is LOUD. This is, in my opinion, the only way to clean.  It makes me feel great and makes me move more because you know I'll start dancing to the music while I clean.  (Go for soothing quiet music if that's more your jam)

Water Therapy

7. Bathing.  Whether it's a bath, a hot tub or even just a shower, water is soothing.  Nothing calms my hyper child quite like a bath and it works for adults too.  Add in a favourite candle, some music or a book and just zen out for a bit.

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Dress For Success- Outside!

8. Get outside. Even if it's just for a few minutes, do it. Rain or Shine.  There's no such thing as bad weather, just underdressed people ;-) This is a little something I learned out in Tofino where some of the hotels leave rain gear and umbrellas in each guest room #brilliant.  When dressed in boots and a raincoat with warm clothes underneath, it's fun to go out in a storm and watch the waves and the wind. 

Eliminate Nagging Tasks

9. Got some nagging to-do's? Book a time in your calendar to get them DONE.  Make those appointments, return your empties (my local return-it depot has donate bin which eliminates me standing in line and makes me feel like a do-gooder), or clean up some other task that's been in the back of your brain for too long. Another tip: If you have something that's been on your list forever, ask yourself why.  If you can't do it, won't do it or it's not really important in the big picture, give yourself permission to take it off the list.

Human Touch

10. Do some self massage, trade massages with your spouse or kids or book one if possible.  Human touch is important (we've heard the studies of babies needing touch to thrive) and it can be as simple as holding hands or giving more hugs to your bubble people.  To do some self massage, grab a tennis ball and roll it between the floor and your back. Focus it under shoulder blades, under your calves and wherever can use a little stretch that you can't reach. 

I hope you found this Self Care Saturday to be a helpful reminder and feel motivated to implement the ideas that speak to you.

Happy Saturday, be kind to yourself <3


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