Welcome to my kitchen garden

A place inspired by sourcing locally, sustainably and creatively. Make you space uniquely yours with our ethically sourced pottery and woodcraft, hand blown glass, fair trade teas and textiles, linen and more. Pour a cup of tea and have a look around.


Gifting Season Is Here!

Large Pottery Mug from Bay potters With Large HandleLarge handled mug with blue glaze with highlights of yellow and purple.
Hammered Silver Boston Style Shaker SetHammered Silver Boston Style Shaker Set
  • Sol Cups and Bottles

    Plastic-free, recycled glass mugs are perfect for tea, coffee, water and more. Glass cleans thouroughly preventing any residual flavors. Cup and silicone lid and sleeve can all be cleaned in the dishwasher.

    Recycled Glass Travel Mugs 
  • Linen

    Our linen cotton blend tablecloths, napkins and tea towels only get better with age. Machine washable, these can be air dried for a wabi sabi softness or ironed for a crisp and tidy look.

    Linen Tablecloths 
  • Food Blog

    Love fresh ingredients and delicious dinners? Hop on over to the food blog. It's full of simple and easy recipes utilizing all the best West Coast ingredients.

    Food Blog